Community Workshops

Poetic Forms, Novel Ideas, and Scriptwriting Ready for Workshop

Vachel Lindsay expressed on many occasions his firm belief that educating the community in the appreciation and creation of literary arts was a worthy pursuit, and as such the VLA is committed to offering workshops to local writers of all levels who want to explore the craft of writing with a group of other interested individuals.

Lindsay Home will host a 3-hour workshop by Lisa Higgs, “Introduction to Poetic Forms,” that will run from 1 to 4 p.m. Beginning and experienced writers are invited to spend an afternoon with local poet and UIS instructor Lisa Higgs exploring poetic forms, including the sonnet, ghazal and haibun. Participants will read and discuss selected poems and be given time to experiment with form in their own writing.

MAY 17
One of the VLA’s most popular instructors, Ted Morrissey, author of the novels Men of Winter and An Untimely Frost, will lead “Writing the Great American Novel” at the Adams Wildlife Sanctuary. Topics will include the short story collection, the conceptual novel, the novel, other narrative forms, and literary versus genre fiction, focusing on practical advice and encouragement. This 3-hour program will run from 9 a.m. to noon.

VLA is excited to offer a scriptwriting workshop, “It’s Just Not My Scene (or is it?).” Led by award-winning local writers Penny Pennell and Amy Sayre Baptista, this 3-hour workshop will be held on Saturday, June 7 from 9 a.m. to noon at the Adams Wildlife Sanctuary. Participants will spend the morning breaking down the scene and learning more about the differences between writing for stage and screen. Among the topics covered will be how to utilize the three-act structure and how to better understand dialogue. As with all of our workshops, any and all experience levels are welcome.

The registration fee for each workshop is $15 (or $10 for Vachel Lindsay Association members). Registration forms are due one week prior to the workshop. Download a Workshop Registration Form.

Contact VLA at or via the Contact page if you have questions.

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